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鶴見川→某氏宅に見せびらかしに→多摩川→下丸子のコメダでモーニング→環八→Y's Road→R1でもどってきました。ギアは3速しかないけど特に不自由はないですな。


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Luo Xiaowei took out his cell phone to his father on the phone, of course, is up to inform him that while each person branched Zhang sent a check of $ 10,000 to leave, as to how to arrange two weeks after another they say.

We sat down, sit Qiang, deputy to accompany, no way, Who he is and Su Su together yet. Kera asked: Little Su, how to mix in Beijing? There is no taking a dip in a diamond bachelor, I heard that Beijing there are many wealthy tycoons.

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Because come early, so plenty of empty rooms, Su Su asked for a large room, each to a standard meal is two hundred sixty yuan, the price at which the river Austin area staggering enough, the sea cucumber, abalone, bird's nest , lobsters have, but the price does not include drinks, dry know if Sue and scolded her daughter so ** one accurate, but it's none of her business, is so arranged Qiang, since treat let guest satisfaction, or do not ask , liquor, Maotai on, beer, Budweiser on.

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